Thursday, 14 January 2016

ABC 123

ABC 123.

I did this tutorial in psp 11 but it can be done in any version.

Materials needed –
Tube of choice I am using the fabulous artwork of Andy Screen which requires a license I got mine when he was licensed with MPT. I am not sure where to purchase his art at this time. 

Scrap Alpha’s which I acquired through groups, if they are yours let me know and I will credit you.

Numbers I got from 

Mask – I used 49-Kris

Cork board my own

Other small education style tubes acquired through groups, again if yours let me know and I shall credit you

Word art by Chicky.

Brushes of choice.

2 Fonts Peas for Mandy & Automobile

VM Extravaganza – Transmission.

My supplies HERE 

Lets start!
Open new image 650 X 600 white.
Add new layer and choose a light colour from your tube and flood fill your layer.
Add your mask from image, source luminance checked and ok it. Merge group.
On your mask layer apply VM Extravaganza – transmission with these settings
Line width 3, Off set 5, Contrast 25
Add a new layer and drag under your mask layer and apply your brushes.
Add your cork board and add your alpha and numbers to it.
I added a drop shadow of H & V 2, opacity 45, blur 7,91 to both board and lettering.
Add your word art to the board .I set mine to burn on the layer palette.
Add your tube of choice. Apply same drop shadow as above.
Take your small tubes and arrange them round your main tubes feet area. I colourised these to match the tube.
Go to adjust, hue & saturation and choose the colour you want.
Again add the same drop shadow as before.
With your handwriting font type your note for under the cork board, apply and rotate by going to, Free rotate, rotate left 12.00. All layers not checked.
Add your name text and add the same drop shadow as before.
Add your copyright and watermarks, save as jpg and your done.

* Hugs Whippy*

Layout and Tutorial ©Whippy written on 15th October 2007.
Any similarities to this tutorial are purely coincidental & unintentional.