Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Diamond Red


Materials needed –
I used the fabulous artwork of Keith Garvey, his work requires a license, you can purchase his work HERE
Obsession Scrap kit by Ki-Kubari (her site is down so can’t link it)

Mask by Chelle at  
Weescotslass Under navigation/downloads I used mask 17. You can get them HERE 

Brush of choice, the one I used I acquired through various yahoo groups, if it’s yours email me 
here and I will give you full credit or remove.

Font of choice, I used Greyton Script unfortunately it’s a PTU so I can’t supply it.

Eye Candy 4 – Glass (Optional)

My Supplies HERE

I did this tutorial in PSP XI but it can be done in any version.

Open new image 700x550 white.
Add a new layer and flood fill black.
Go to Layers/Load,save mask/ Load mask from disc.
Source luminance, To fit canvas, Hide all mask checked. Apply.
Merge group and resize 90%
Copy and paste the frame from the scrap kit as a new layer.
Duplicate and resize 65% go to adjust /sharpness/sharpen. Slide this over to the left of your main frame, duplicate , go to image, mirror.
Close off your white and mask layers and merge visible.
Add a drop shadow to your frames I used H&V 2 opacity 32 blur 6.93 colour black.
Repeat the shadow changing H&V to -2.
Add a new layer and drag under your frame layer.
Highlight your frames in your layer palette and with your magic wand and holding down your shift key click inside the 2 side frames. Selections/Modify/Expand 14.
Highlight your new layer on your layer palette and flood fill with black. Keep selected.
Apply your brush of choice inside the 2 small frames.
Choose one of the circle crystal frames from the kit, paste as new layer and resize 50% sharpen as before and slide over to the left hand frame. Duplicate this layer and merge down. Duplicate it again and mirror image. Merge down.
Add and resize your tube and place in the main frame, see finished tag for reference.
I added the same drop shadow as before.
Choose a bright colour as your foreground, background null. Preset shape set to eclipse line width 3 draw out a circle to fit just over your crystal frame (don’t worry about this clashing, its going to be deleted….lol.) convert to raster layer.
Click inside the circle with your magic wand. Resize your tube and paste as a new layer, move it so the face sits within the circle. Selections invert, and hit delete. Drag your layer under the crystal frame layer. Duplicate and mirror image.
Now you can delete the coloured circle.
Select the ribbon from the kit and paste as new layer, move it over to the right of your main frame. Drag it under the tube layer on your layer palette.
On your scrap kit choose the diamond chain with your selection tool set on rectangle draw out over the first 3 links, go to edit and copy. Paste as a new layer on your main image.
Slide it over so it’s sitting as a joining hinge between the small and large frame.
Duplicate and mirror image. Merge down, duplicate the merged layer and place on the lower end of the frames. (see finished tag) merge down again and add drop shadow as before. Drag this layer below your ribbon and tube layers.
Add your text
I applied Eye Candy 4 glass with the default settings Changing only the colour to white, to my text but it’s optional.
Add your copyright info
Merge all Flatten
Save as jpg or png and phew your done.

* Hugs Whippy *

Layout and Tutorial ©Whippy written on 14th November 2007.
Any similarities between this tutorial and any others on the net is purely coincidental & unintentional.