Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Geisha Girl

Materials needed –
Tube of choice, I used the artwork of Ivan Flores, he is an online FTU tube artist however there is no longer a website to get his images from. 
Here are his TOU's : 
Anyone wishing to use my art for non-monetary purposes only may use it as long as you follow some simple guidelines:

1. If you crop the image, credit me as the original artist you can just put "original image by Ivan Flores". The text can appear on the image itself, but doesn't have to. I know it's not possible to fit all that text into avatars, but please credit me if people ask you where you got the image or at least have my name in your signature really small.
2. DO NOT adjust the aspect ratio (in other words you can only resize the drawing as a whole-- do not adjust only the length or only the width).
3. You may crop the drawing.
4. You may "tube" the drawing (remove the background).
Basically you can use my art as long as you don't distort the image or make money off of it. :)

Mask of choice, I used one I acquired though various groups, if its your please email  me and I will credit you or remove.
Fonts of choice I used Jade Monkey BTN Split and Hanzi Kaishu.
Outside filters –
VM Toolbox – instant Tile.
Penta - Jeans
Mura’s Meister – Copies.
My supplies HERE

I made this in PSPXI but there is no reason why it can’t be done in any version.
Open new image 600x600 transparent.
Add new layer and flood fill with a colour picked from your tube, I used #102285
Go to layers, new mask layer, apply mask from image, source luminance checked. Merge group.
Resize this layer by 85% all layers unchecked.
Repeat the above using another colour from your tube, this time I used #3b7434. Resize this layer by 75%
And again repeat the above using a third colour from your tube, I used #d3d3e0
Resize this layer by 65%
Add a drop shadow to all 3 mask layers, I used H 3 V-3 opacity 35 blur 5.94 colour black.
Merge visible. Apply the Instant Tile with the default settings. Resize by 85%
Duplicate the mask layer and go to Image, free rotate, 45 right. All layers unchecked. Merge visible.
Add your drop shadow as before.
Set your colour palette as follows, foreground on #102285. Background on #3b7434 Gradient, Linear, angle 45, repeat 1
Null your foreground colour.
Go to your preset shapes, select rectangle and draw out a long narrow rectangle. Convert to raster. Apply penta jeans with these settings
Amount 40
Border width 4
Null your background colour and change your foreground colour to black.
Again with your preset shape, rectangle, line width 5, draw out another long narrow rectangle, do this so it borders the gradient one. Line it up against the original and convert to raster. Merge down.
Add drop shadow as before.
Apply mura copies with these settings
Duplicate this layer, go to image, mirror.
Merge down.
Duplicate again this time resize by 85% all layers unchecked.
Duplicate the resized image and mirror image
With your selection tool set on rectangle draw out a rectangle just inside the black border 
Add a new layer, copy and paste your tube into the selection. Go to your layer palette and change to hard light.
Duplicate the tube layer and mirror image. You should now have this.
Click the main rectangle layer on your layer palette, right click, arrange, bring to top.
Paste your tube as a new layer, place it so it’s central on the top rectangle as shown on final tag.
Close off your Mask layer and merge visible.
Resize 95% all layers unchecked.
Open your mask layer back up.
On your colour palette change to gradient colours as before.
With your Hanzi font type out some letters, it can be anything, I spelt out Geisha in caps, direction down. Convert to raster. Duplicate and move one to the right and the other to the left of your main image.
Add drop shadow as before.
With your chosen font type out any text you desire on the tag.
Add your copyright info now.
Merge visible and save as png.
Or merge all (flatten) and save a jpg.
And your done.

* Hugs Whippy *

Layout and Tutorial ©Whippy written on 14th April 2008.
Any similarities between this tutorial and any others on the net is purely coincidental & unintentional.