Wednesday, 2 March 2016

In The Sea ... Anarchy

Material required:-
Tube of choice I am using Jay Tremblys Anarchy Mermaid, Jay no longer sells his images as tubes. I apologize.

Scrap kit of choice, I am using Vix's portion of the Anarchy Collab. Vix no longer creates nor sells her scrap kits. I apologize.

Fonts of choice I use Pixelette for my artist credits which can be found freely on the web.
I used New Deal DecoNF it also can be found freely on the web.
Filters required:-
Xero - Fritillary - with these settings

Eye Candy 5 - Impact - Glass, with these settings
Eye Candy 5 - Gradiant Glow, with these settings

Onboard Filters - Drop Shadow, with these settings

I use PSPX3 but there is no reason why earlier version cannot be used.
This is a tag for Facebooks Timeline.
Open new image 850 x 315 transparent.
Selections, select all
Paper 3 from Vix's kit using your selection tool draw out a rectangle using the full width of the paper,
and about a third of the depth, copy. Deselect and close original paper.
Paste into selection. Copy this layer and close off for now.
Apply the Xero Fritillary plugin with the above settings to the open layer.
Copy element 4 and paste as a new layer, change your blend mode to hard light..
Add drop shadow with the above  settings.
Duplicate twice and move them around as required, see finshed tag for my placement.
Do the same with element 2 duplicate once and place as required.

Take element 6 and resize by 40% paste as a new layer and with your pick tool,
turn so its swimming upwards slightly. Apply drop shadow as before.
Copy this layer and resize by 80% all layers unchecked.
I changed the colour of this by using the colorize, hue & saturation,
its up to you which colour you change to.
Move it across and slightly higher than the original layer,
this time with your pick tool turn it so its facing downwards.

Click on the original fish layer and copy again this time resize by 70%,
move it across and place higher than the other 2. Merge these 3 layers together.
Copy and paste the Anarchy word art and place to the upper left of the tag.
Apply drop shadow as before.
Change the blend mode to hard light.

I used a couple of elements from one of the other kits for embellishments
but this is personal choice and not required.
The ones i used were the starfish and seaweed from Eclipse Creations, they are all part of the collab set.
Now resize your tube and place towards the right hand side of the tag.
Best on this side because FB will overlap your profile pic on the left hand side.
Add the drop shadow as before but this time repeat changing H&V to 3

Open the closed paper layer and bring to the top, change the blend mode to Saturation,
drop the opacity to 85%.
Add a new layer. Selections select all, flood fill with Orange. Modify, contract 8. hit delete, deselect.
Add drop shadow to this layer as before and repeat changing the H&V to 3.
Add a new layer. Selections, select all, flood fill Black. Modify, Contract 4, hit delete, deselect,
Add your artist credits & any chosen text.
I applied glass with the above settings to my name, then added the gradient glow,
finished with adding the drop shadow. Merge all (flatten)

Save as either png or jpg, I find jpg best for FB as it eliminates the black surround you get
sometimes with pngs on there.

I hope you enjoyed the tut, look back again for more, thank you !

* Hugs Whippy*
Layout and Tutorial ©Whippy written on 1st March 2012.
Any similarities between this tutorial and others on the web is purely coincidental & unintentional.