Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Spring Into Action

Materials needed:-
Tube or image of choice. I used the gorgeous artwork of Lindsey Cormier. I do not know where to purchase her work at this time. 
Scrap Kit of choice, I am using a kit from the very talented Texoz Starshine HERE
Mask of choice I used one from Michelle, Wee Scots Lass
You can find her masks HERE
Font of choice, I used Miss Le Gatees.
Outside filters used –
VM Extravaganza – Transmission.
My Supplies HERE
Open a new image 650x650 white.
Open and resize your scrap papers I used 3 different ones from the kit.
1 to make the frame and 2 for use with the mask.
Open the resized paper you have chosen for the frame, convert to raster, go to selections, select all, modify contract buy 35. delete.
Go to effects, inner bevel and apply with these settings
Bevel 2, Width 6, Smoothness 22, Depth 4, Ambience 33, Shininess 7
Angle 315, Intensity 30, Elevation 40, Colour white.
Resize to taste and paste the frame as a new layer.
Duplicate frame layer
Paste your tube/image as a new layer, drag between the 2 frame layers
With your eraser remove all the excess top frame so that your tube is overlapping it. See finished tag for reference.
Close off the white background layer and merge visible.
Add a drop shadow of choice, I used
H&V 3, Opacity 37,Blur 10.8.
Repeat shadow changing H&V to -3

Choose another paper and paste as a new layer.
Go to layers, load/save mask. Load mask from disk, source luminance checked, fit to layer checked, hide all mask checked and apply.
Merge group.
Apply VM Extravaganza Transmission with these settings,
Line Width 4, Offset 4, Contrast 10.
Repeat the above steps with your 3rd paper after you merge the group go to image, free rotate, 15 left.
Drag these below your frame / tube layer.
Resize and add your elements of choice.
Add same drop shadow as before.
Put your copyright info on now.
With your chosen font add any text and add the same inner bevel & drop shadow as before.
Delete the white background layer.
Merge visible.
Save as png and your done.


.*. Hugs Whippy .*.
Layout and Tutorial ©Whippy written on 12th March 2008.
Any similarities between this tutorial and any others on the net are purely coincidental & unintentional.