Thursday, 3 March 2016

Summer Rain

Materials Needed :-
Tube of choice, I am using the awesome artwork of Robert Alvarado,
you need to purchase his work HERE
Please only use his work if you have the correct license to do so.
Scrap kit of choice, I am using a PTU one called Violet Skies from Candy's Treats HERE
Font of choice I used Cyclo which can be downloaded HERE
Filters used :-
Onboard Drop Shadow
Same settings throughout.
H&V 3
Opacity 35
Blur 4
Colour Black.
Repeat changing H&V to -3
Eye Candy Impact - Gradient glow.
(settings will be shown)
This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP.
I use version XI of Paintshop but there is no reason it cannot be made in other versions.
Open new image 650 x 250
selections, select all.
Chose a paper from your kit, this will be your back ground layer. I used paper 5.
Resize by 82%
Using your selection tool draw out a rectangle as shown below
Go to Edit, copy, click on your blank image and paste into selection. Select none.
Resize your tube as required and paste as a new layer,
arrange on the canvas as required. Add drop shadow.
There is a close up included with this tube click on that and copy, paste
as new image and close the original tube.
Rotate the close up right. Resize by 75%
Paste this as a new layer duplicate and mirror image, merge down. Add your drop shadow,
drag under the main tube layer. On your layer palette change the settings to soft light.
Dont worry about the excess tube this will be removed shortly.
Click on your main tube layer.
Resize as needed and start adding your elements.
See finished tag for suggested placement.

Click on your background layer copy the star spill element paste as a new layer and
using the pick tool turn it so you are happy with where is sitting.
I also used the crescent moon element.
On your layer palette change both to Luminance.
I also dropped the opacity to 85 on the moon.
Add drop shadow.

Click again on your top layer. Resize the petal element and copy and paste a few times so
it looks like a shower of petals, merge these petal layers together.
Add your drop shadow but this time do not repeat.

Now for your border.
Click on the top layer. Add new raster layer, selections, select all.
Choose another paper from your kit. I used paper 13.
Resize as before. Again using the Selection tool draw out a rectangle , see
Copy and paste into selection on your main image.
Go to selections, Modify , Contract 10.
Hit delete.
Add drop shadow .
re adjust any of your layers til you are happy with the placements .
Add your copyright info.
Merge visible.
Go to Image, Rotate Right, Add your name text with your chosen font.
Apply gradient glow with these settings.
Add your drop shadow. On your layer palette change to hard light.
Merge visible
Rotate left.
Save as either png or jpg and your done.
You can make an avatar to match this very easily
open a new image 150 X 150 selections, select all.
Go to your new tag, with your selection tool draw out a square as shown

Go to Edit, copy,back on your avatar image, paste into selection.
Add a border using the same principle as the tag border, this time Modify,
contract by 7 hit delete and select none.
Add drop shadow.
Add copyright info and any desired text
Merge all flatten.
Save a png or jpg.

And your done  :o)
Whippy ♥
Layout and Tutorial ©Whippy written on 14th November 2010.
Any similarities between this tutorial and others on the web is purely coincidental & unintentional.