Thursday, 3 March 2016

Wicked Step Bitch



Tube/Image of choice, I used a tube from Keith Garvey, his awesome work needs a license and can be purchased HERE
Frame of choice, the one I used is from Sunfs fabulous blog. You can download it  HERE
Mask38 by the very talented Michelle, it can be downloaded HERE
Under downloads.
Font of choice. I used Blackadder ITC

Outside filters required –
Penta VTR2 & Colour Dot
Xenofex2 – Lightning
Onboard Filters used – Gaussian Blur
Drop Shadow.

Animation Shop.

I want to say a huge thank you to Tiggs of Cherished Angels
 & Tiggs Vision
for the inspiration for this tutorial, and I know she’s only as wicked as I am……lol.

Open new image 650x650 White.

Open your frame hold down shift & D to duplicate, close the original.
Go to Image, Rotate right. Copy and paste frame as a new layer.
With your magic wand, click inside the frame, go to selections and expand by 10.
Add a new layer and drag under the frame layer.
Choose two colours from your tube/image to create a gradient.
I used #a22525 for my foreground & #111111 for my background.
Gradient setting, Radial, angle 45, Repeats 0.
Floodfill your new layer. Go to Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur – 15.
Keep selected.
Effects Penta, VTR2 with these settings.
Keep Selected.
Go to Image, Rotate right.
Repeat the VTR2 with the same settings.
Click on your frame layer. add a drop shadow with these settings.
H&V 0, Opacity 65, Blur 5, Colour Black.

Copy and paste your image/tube as a new layer.
With your deformation tool stretch it so it fits within the frame.
You might find that the image goes slightly blurry if this does happen go to adjust, Sharpeness, Sharpen.
Drag the tube under the frame layer. With your eraser remove anything that is still outside the frame.
Go to your layer palette and change to hard light. Drop opacity to 80.
Close off your white layer.
Merge visible.
Duplicate your image layer and resize by 75% all layers not checked.
Duplicate the resized layer and move to the right of the main image and the other to the left. Bring your main image to the top.
Add another drop shadow to the main image.
I used H&V 3 Opacity 45, Blur 5, Colour black.
I repeated this step changing H&V to -3.
I added the same drop shadow to the 2 side images also.
Close off your white layer again and merge visible. Resize by 90% all layers not checked.
Open your white layer and click on it. Add a new layer and floodfill with your gradient as before.
Apply your mask and merge group.
Apply Penta colour Dot with these settings.
(This is optional.)
Add your main image now, I placed mine slightly to the right of the middle frame layer. I also went to image and mirror imaged mine.
Add same drop shadow as before.
Add your copyright info now.
Add your chosen text. I added mine on a curve.
To do this you need to go to your preset shapes, choose elipse, line width 4, foreground any colour as its going to be deleted.Background null. Draw out an oval, click on your text tool and pick your chosen font. Go to your oval shape and you should get a little A with a sorta triangle shape come up. Type out your text and arrange it as you want it. On your layer palette, close off the vector layer and then convert to raster. I added text top and bottom to add it to the bottom repeat the above but before you activate the text tool, go to image and flip the oval,this will ensure the text is the right way up at the bottom. add your text as before. Repeat what you did on the layer palette. And merge your text layers together. Add the same drop shadow as before.

Now the Animation part.
Click on your tube layer. go to effects, Xenofex2 – lightning.
Apply to each finger seperatly.
Adjust the settings as you see fit. I have added a screen shot of my original settings, I just moved the cross hairs to each finger as needed.
I did this on 3 fingers.
When you are happy with how your lightning looks go to edit, copy merged and paste as new animation in AS
Back in psp undo the lightning steps and repeat the above twice more, copy merged and pasting after current image.
In AS go to edit, select all, Animation, animation propertes and change speed to 20.
Resize if necessary.
Save as .gif and your done.

* Hugs Whippy *
Layout and Tutorial ©Whippy written on 28th September 2008.
Any similarities between this tutorial and others on the web is purely coincidental & unintentional.